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About myself that is actually about this website:

The idea of creating this site came into my mind while talking to a young and quite smart person whose opinion I really appreciate and often consider as valuable truth. I was planning to publish some books the writing or publishing of which I was related to. I wanted to make the contents of these books public to a potential reader in any other way. Having heard of my plans, he advised me to create and run my own website for some time. I was inspired with this idea so much that I decided not to copy other websites but asked my good assistant Irakli Varshalomidze to turn a new leaf and help me to create this website as a project for the nearest future.

The project goal is to introduce the contents of several books to those who will be interested in them. In the first place it's “Gurzuf – regional character sketches” - the book written by the late Vladimir Tikhonovich Svistov; then it's “Irushka's book”, the author and compiler of which is Valentina Bondar and afterwards it's a proposed book or even two books the concepts of which I have been thinking over for quite a long time. Probably the collection of photos from my personal files will be posted as well.

In the last few years I've been convinced that though the Internet can't substitute traditional publications (that are books) it can still be used as an effective communication tool in general and provide the target group, who are first of all friends and like-minded people, with information and publications which can't be distributed cheaply and fast by using traditional ways.

The creation and start of this website as well as posted here articles and photographs don't pursue any ambitious, trendy or any other goals not related to me personally. There's a certain amount of information which I would like to share. This website is intended to be the source of information to those who are interested in it; as for the people who are not interested this website can seem boring and not worth attention.




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